Pastis Olive is the perfect mix between my passion for design, ecofriendly products and the love of hosting people.
Enora Billard

Pastis Olive was born in Enora’s heart when she was a child. Having grown up at the gates of a forest in an old rustic house, Enora spent her time playing the perfect host, where cabins with small tables were well set up, and the choice of meticulously selected dishes defined the location of her “guests”.

Hosting was an art that she happily cultivated in her games. In early 2019, she began to make the first collection of this emerging Montreal company, Pastis Olive.

Serving trays, coasters and objects of all colors are born every week in the Rosemont district. Using natural wood, yellow, pink, blue, black, colors explode in all directions.

The dyes are 100% natural, ecofriendly and handmade. Each finishing product is carefully concocted with natural products, such as boiled turmeric, boiled beets, crushed walnuts or colors made from dry pigments. A 100% natural oil and wax finish is applied to protect the stain and the wood from external aggressions.

Each object is handmade with Canadian maple, which makes each product unique because wood has its peculiarities, its whims, and its colors. 

Crédit photo : Mona Muzio de JAZMYNMAG

Vegetable dyes

UV resistant thanks to the presence of alum salt, which acts as a fixative for natural dyes.

Local raw material

Flamed Maple (British Columbia) and Sugar Maple (Quebec)


Influenced by organic forms, Japanese lightness and Scandinavian simplicity.

Our collaborators :

Stylist / Designer / Graphist

Aurore is the graphic designer of Pastis Olive. Every detail of packaging, marketing and web design is orchestrated by her! Graphic designer for 15 years, she is a golden collaborator who stands out for her versatility, her aesthetic eye and her speed.

Marketing consultant

For the past few months, Francis has supported the growth of Pastis Olive, whether in marketing development or new products development. With him, it’s sky is the limit! We couldn’t find a better person to accompany us on the winding paths of entrepreneurship. Listening, creativity, strategy and professionalism are at the rendezvous.

Fabrication and consultant

Maxime Baron has several hats: he is as much an assistant cabinet maker, a development consultant, as a life companion of the founder Enora. Luthier and full-time entrepreneur for 10 years, he works in the manufacturing of high-end guitars in Montreal. His advice, experience and thoroughness are essential assets for Pastis Olive.

Dye in collaboration

Cabinetmaker and woodturner for 7 years, Roxanne is Enora’s partner at the woodshop. They both share a workspace since February 2019, but above all a common passion: natural dye! Roxanne is passionate about botanical dyeing on fabrics. This versatile young woman has more than one trick up her sleeve, and knows all the little secrets for successful natural chemistry!

Member of conseil des métiers d'art